Goodram CX400 internal solid state drive 2.5″ 512 GB SATA III QLC 3D NAND


CX400 SATA III 2,5? SSD 512GB


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Forget about your spinning drive and treat yourself a 10x performance improvement by moving to CX400 Solid State Drive. Apart for delivering better responsiveness your data will be much safer, as CX400 doesn’t have any moving parts and is incomparably more shock and impact resistant than hard drive.

Next-generation NAND for your next SSD
GOODRAM CX400 is based on the 3D NAND flash memory. Thanks to this CX400 operation is very stable and write endurance is improved compared to the previous-generation planar TLC NAND flash.

27 years of quality
The quality of our Solid State Drives is built upon the foundation of our 27-years experience in the storage industry. We strive to deliver products, consumers can enjoy on all levels. GOODRAM CX400 is backed with our 3-year warranty with direct technical support.